ENDORSEMENT & Executive committee REFORM

The simplest change we can make to end division within the ranks of Democrats is to modernize the rules and practices as it relates to endorsements and the executive committee. These reforms will help end the political horse trading and backroom deals that suppress the voice of the people in determining their representation: 

  1. As your next Chairman, I will call for an end to endorsements in open seat primaries, especially for judicial offices. Why are we creating division within our own ranks by encouraging family feuds?
  2. We will wait until after the filing deadline to endorse candidates in applicable elections.
  3. We should require all executive committee members to be elected.
  4. End the practice of the city/ward leader recommendations in the endorsement process, shifting the role of the city leader toward guidance, training, and turnout.

Affinity organizations

By eliminating the endorsement process in open seat primaries, we are empowering our affinity groups and allied organizations such as labor, Stonewall, NEOYBD, CDWC, Indivisible, Ward Clubs, CCPC, and others, to have a greater voice in determining the nominee for each of the offices we seek to elect Democratic candidates. This change will help to end the contradictory endorsements that often exist between our affinity organizations and the party.  We will be unleashing the grassroots organizational skills and muscle of our Democratic team, leading to better outcomes and top tier candidates that represent Democratic values. More importantly, we will not be creating division and strife within our own ranks.

An added benefit is that we are also allowing our elected officials to support candidates in primaries that they believe best represent their community's and constituents' needs without feeling as if their actions are in conflict with the county party. 

political field director & Electronic media director

It is time we join the age of modern political campaigning. It is nice that the County Party is capable of issuing a sample ballot mailer however, we need to enhance our capacity and capability. I'm calling for a reform in the way we approach the operations of the party with a shift away from the Executive Director (operations model) and toward prioritizing a field operations, political campaign apparatus, electronic media model of running the county party. 

Our Electronic Media Director would build a modern communications program to help maximize Democratic turnout to win at the ballot box both locally and statewide.

Our Political Field Director would assist our Ward/City Leaders and Precinct Committee members in the following areas: 

Training & Tools

We will renew our focus on organizing each of our neighborhoods and giving our team the tools they need to turn out the vote. The training will include:

  • The County Party will provide you with attainable goals and metrics.
  • Door to door canvassing & lit drop support. We will provide you with literature and walk lists for your neighborhood.
  • Phone banking. We will provide you with phone numbers and scripts.
  • How to organize house parties, coffee talks, happy hours, and grassroots meet the candidate events.
  • Sharing a consistent, united message & talking points.
  • Lawn signs & poll workers.
  • Social media activity.
  • The CCDP will become a one stop campaign shop!


Coordination with State & National campaigns

The political field director will work with our Cuyahoga County Party Chairman, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the Democratic National Committee to ensure statewide and national campaigns are reflective of our values, diversity, and needs of the Greater Cleveland community.


Build on the success of the annual dinner by creating grassroots friendly fundraising events and activities. It is important to provide our base with the opportunity to have ownership in our party through affordable fundraising options. 

Additionally, it is time to create a year round fundraising presence through the engagement of a fundraising firm and team.

CANDIDATE recruiting

I will work with the field director and community leaders to recruit candidates to run for office in communities and districts where we have traditionally not competed. We must pull as many Democratic votes from every neighborhood as we can to move the County, State, and Nation forward. The best way to turn out a vote in a neighborhood is to have a Democratic candidate that is working hard to improve the community.

It is important that we begin to build our local bench and plan for the long-term so that we can impact our neighborhoods and the statewide tickets. As a part of this training we will teach candidates the ins and outs of elections, fundraising, compliance, and neighborhood organizing.