...astronauts were walking on the moon!

Last time a new home was built in Newburgh Heights astronauts were walking on the moon

Village hasn’t seen new home construction in 50 years, but that’s all about to change

By John Deike April 3, 2019 at 9:14 PM EDT - Updated April 3 at 9:14 PM

NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon the last time a home was built in Newburgh Heights.

Yet that’s all about to change, as home developers are about to snap the 50-year home construction lull.

The new home will soon go up at 3788 Washington Park Blvd., and a small groundbreaking will take place.

The Village has set a goal of building up to 120 new single family residences over the next 5+ years with the intent of attracting as many as 500 new residents by 2030.

“This is another step in a long process we’ve engaged in to revitalize Newburgh Heights and make it a community where home buyers seek to put down roots and raise their family,” said Mayor Elkins in a prepared statement.