Councilman Elkins envisions wind farm in Newburgh Heights.

Turbines are breath of fresh air in mill town

Mittal Steel explores viability of similar project near plant in Cleveland

Sunday, June 10, 2007 PD

" Mittal Steel USA, which leases the land to the windmill developers in Lackawanna, is exploring a similar project for vacant property above its plant on the Cuyahoga River. The turbines could spur economic development with the promise of cheap energy."

"Newburgh Heights Councilman Trevor Elkins is all for wind power and believes his fellow residents will be, too. Not only is wind energy clean, but it also can produce jobs and tax revenue for the predominantly residential suburb.

And it's not as if the spinning turbines will spoil the view of the valley, he said, which is little more than steel mills now.

"This may actually provide some sort of aesthetic," he said."