Trevor K. Elkins
Mayor of Newburgh Heights

Thank You Newburgh Heights!

Trevor K. Elkins 
Mayor of
Newburgh Heights
Invested in Newburgh Heights:
  • Lived in the community for 25 years.
  • Homeowner since 2010.
  • Running two businesses in the village and working to open a third.
  • Member of the Sons of the American Legion, Post 627.
  • Member of the Roots Social Club.
  • Member of the Kiwanis Club. 
  • Volunteered as the girls fastpitch softball coach for the village recreation department for five years.

Whether introducing a student loan housing assistance program, the most robust family leave policy in America, a 32-hour work week, advocating for public transit, requiring an Associate's Degree for law enforcement, rejuvenating the neighborhood's homes, rebuilding the village infrastructure, or ensuring every household in his community has a Thanksgiving dinner, it's hard to match Trevor Elkins' passion for innovation, policy, or commitment to his residents. 

Add his outspoken opposition to northeast Ohio's sweetheart stadium deals, insider political shenanigans, and the patronage culture that ignores the needs of the region's working people for the benefit of franchise owners, the corporate donor class, and a narrow spectrum of "political players," and it is no surprise that he's been a target of the status quo political leadership and corporate grifters of the region. This hasn't stopped him from speaking up and speaking out for you though, even when it has lead to fabricated personal attacks and the political enmity of a desperate old-guard clinging to power at all cost, including trying to destroy his career and the livelihood of his family. He will not stop fighting for you!

We need fearless messengers like Trevor K. Elkins in Newburgh Heights. Help us amplify his voice, dismantle the machine, and change the narrative by clicking the button below and joining the team. -We need to re-elect Trevor K. Elkins as Mayor.  
"The Global Economy Has Changed and our Small 
industrial-age boomtown village has to fend for itself. 
together we're going to show Northeast Ohio the grit and fortitude that has made us survivors for generations!"
- Trevor K. Elkins - 
Who Is Trevor K. Elkins: 
He began his career in government nearly three decades ago. Having been elected for the first time at age 21, he has served in public office for 18 years. In 2023, Trevor was elected to his 4th term as mayor with the largest percentage of the vote in a contested Newburgh Heights election on record with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  With this win, Trevor is the longest serving mayor in the history of Newburgh Heights. Throughout his career he has created innovative policy that has become a model for local governments nationwide.
Trevor also has an accomplished career as a finance professional with more than 11 years of working in and running municipal finance departments throughout Northeast Ohio. Prior to and concurrent with his experience in municipal finance, he spent about a decade in the recruiting and staffing industry, learning the ins and outs of personnel management. It was these skills that he used to recruit Chief Brian Higginbotham and Chief John Majoy, consummate professionals who have led our fire and police departments respectively, for the past decade.

Currently Trevor is running two small businesses and working to open Three Girls Pizza in the former Mike's Pizza location as soon as possible.

He began his formal education in Rochester, N.Y. and returned to school at Ursuline College to continue classes in Humanities and Religious Studies. He has roughly one semester left to complete his B.A. 

Mentoring candidates, organizing, and electoral politics is a passion for Trevor. As a former congressional campaign political & organizational director, a former New Hampshire state director for a presidential candidate, and having worked on and managed dozens of local campaigns throughout his lifetime, he is able to draw on a tremendous level of lived experience to navigate often treacherous waters.
Trevor's Resume:
  • A very successful decade as Mayor of Newburgh Heights.
  • Over ten years of experience as a Fiscal Officer or Deputy Fiscal officer.
  • Ten years of experience in the recruiting, headhunting, and staffing industry.
The Family: 
Trevor has lived in Newburgh Heights for 25 years. He and his wife Laura purchased their home in the village over 13 years ago where they are raising their daughters. 

He was raised in the Finger Lakes region of New York with three of his brothers and three of his sisters. Laura was raised in Puerto Rico with one of her brothers and has lived in the Cleveland area for more than 20 years as well. 

Their daughters attend Cleveland and Cuyahoga Heights public schools, are interested in art, gardening, playing instruments, basketball, spending time with family, and helping to take care of Atticus, Bella, and Marble, their great danes. 
Trevor K. Elkins
Trevor K. Elkins
Trevor K. Elkins
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